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the headquarters' layout is conceived through the studies of functions and principal flows in the industrial building with a perceptive-architectonic concept, trying to transform and uniform architectural elements with their spatial value in commercial and manufacturing identity elements dedicated to people with disabilities. the plan tries to identify the theme of production and solutions designed to project “the autonomy” of every single client. studying paths inside the factory becomes vehicle and demonstration of what the company is able to cope with. consequently the most important intervention is to completely renew the reception. the new spatial idea of the entry hall comes from this logic. the flight becomes element capable of transfering into the reality of the defeating of architectural barriers, giving it the shape of a contemporary art museum rather than a company warehouse. the concept configures to the new level, reached through the ramp, the real reception as a diaphragm filter to welcome new customers and suppliers surrounded by products and wifi connection. the place should has facilities letting to wait without entering directly nor in the production level, neither in the direction: a filter which is a foyer on the internal and sheltered route. the productive plan is enriched  by other spaces serving directly the client, connecting immediately the places of production, custom-cut assistance and general services, with a showroom as exhibition space to best represent the soul of the company. the directional office level contains all flexible characteristics to change according to the use and needs of the company through time and closes the ascending rise defined by the ramp.

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