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Stephenson 86 takes shape as an interrelated urban and private spaces system to create not only an administrative center but an urban cluster too. The proposal outlines a bioclimatic architecture and gathers togheter as a network, a number of separate blocks on the ground floor able to build internal passages and open spaces: a place to encourage the office staff and the community to come together and join in working time and leisure time.

the flexibility of the internal spaces defines the placing of at least 7 independent office locations inside the cluster with coherent program division and distribution or a single headquarter able to diversify its interior offices in relation to their activities and needs, by transferring to the spaces a possible typological flexibility: from block to network typology, from cell to open space typology.

all offices are developed on the first floor and are totally transparent, such the ground floor spaces: shops, cafeteria, hall foyer and gym wellness. A surrounding wooden diaphragm transforms the building in an urban, architectural, bioclimatic and energy interface system.

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