ISCK – innovation and science centre. kaunas



innovation and science centre is a new iconic building landscape, a sustainable architecture, that is more than a landmark. It is a place which invites the visitors and the community to meet and join in science and nature

the design of the innovation and science centre and its woven landscape (nemunas island) are based upon a sensitive and osmotic approach to the context and nature of kaunas. the design encourages people to flow from the natural island landscape and its paths inside a new cultural core and “landscape” that, in the same time, defines and becomes the end of cardo urban axis that comes from “museums quartier” (north) to nemunas island (south); it is the “cultural and leisure time” axis. that axis is intertwined with decumano urban axis that comes from saint gertrude church (west) to saint michael archangel church (east), that we define the “devotion and care time” axis. innovation and science centre completes and enhances this urban structure.

the bridge promenade that comes from the northwards museum quartier is the linking system with the modern city centre but all the building extension encourages enjoyment of the park and welcomes not only the visitors but all the citizens that want to experience a new piece of the city. the generous passage in between celebrates indoor and outdoor spaces and builds interior courtyards and exterior facades overlooking the landscape.

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