MSNT – natural science museum. torino



the architectural concept aims accessibility, usability through day and night times and seasons, the interior space and the creation of a coordinated museum’s identity, who respects and values the historical and spatial character of the complex, outlining a new skin.

the skin is designed as a layering (reversible and dynamic) of the time, which is grafted on the existing, as a new architectural design, aesthetic, linguistic, technical, material.

the new architectural configuration working on inclined surfaces that reach the various levels of the museum and connect them together, through minimal impact operations, such as the demolition of some obvious accretions, the widening of gaps and overlapping of new surfaces on existing steps and floors. the project considered the two inner courtyards as the heart of the museum. the hall foyer court is the space for relaxation, study and meditation; the old pharmacy court becomes a place of excellence within the historic city center, producing cultural events, as well as the meeting center dedicated to the children education (playground and entertainment, nursery, summer playground).

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