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the project tries to transform La Perla industrial building in a Citadel of Culture developing the theme of the multipole and multidimensional hub for cultural activities. the factory in itself contains a set of codes and languages, that the project selects, highlights and arises as a further selective layer applied in superposition to the building: this new skin contains in its interior dynamic spaces the use versatility, the space flexibility and the cultural program editability. the foyer hall spaces that structure the citadel, develop itself in squares, relaxation areas, bookshop, bars, cafes, restaurants and open terraces that constitute a series of pauses within the constant flow of cultural spaces. the exhibition spaces on two floors configure a ring around the art factory, so as to physically connect it with the temporary artists ateliers.

the art production spaces are configured as an hanging bridge under the beams of the existing access to the northern side. on the ground floor the multipurpose rooms are places for small communities free artistic production. the auditorium theatre cinema with the related secondary halls defines the spaces of presentation, reproduction of art works and together with the library and the replay center (multi-purpose halls) downstairs constitutes a set of multiple and potentially related places for events, workshops and artistic performances.

all the spaces devoted to leisure are placed on the top floor, having continuity of route and representing the end point of the artistic experience and cultural living within the multiactivity art hub and the art hotel in particular. the catering and food spaces piled up in southern tower are like a pair of scissors, which changes its connotations for plan, assembles the multipurpose rooms and laboratories, and gives to the panoramic terrace the character of receptive and leisure terminal.

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