RRCB - recovery former barracks. brescia



3rd Prize

the first step in the construction process of the project was a critical approach to the existing complex, that determined the removal of all the incongrous superfetations of the building, in the courtyard area on west, the one of industrial spaces of the XIX century related to the weapon factory and the barracks. these spaces, that have anyway an historical-architectonical appeal, are not the complex constituent elements and in a residential oriented renovation they become unlikely divisible and reusable.

furthermore the multi-storey underground parking can be realised only under the courtyard, without operating on the monumental courtyard’s foundations. from the historic analysis appears that the western courtyard was the garden of the “collegio somasco”, the former college lodged in the building. the project explain again the complex history, redefining a new garden for the building, with a residential use, where is possible to insert a new building that uses the existing surfaces removed, that researches the insertion into the existing building texture, both from the functional point of view and from the visual-aesthetic one, overlapping to the different architectures of the surroundings through a mechanism of interferences for continuity and inclusion.

the dialectic between innovation and tradition includes both the manifestly incongrous volumes on the top floor of the historic building, and the new suspended residential court, almost a wintergarden, an offshoot of the inner court, more private and protected, where a series of structural walls supporting a “contemporary” residential court, immerse into the green and juxaposed to the perimetral walls of the surrounding buildings, often built on the property line.

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