NWGM - new waterfront. gabicce mare



7th ranked

the gabicce mare waterfront valorization interprets the relation between the town skyline and the coastal landscape through a green diaphgram, a new linear urban park, made of folds, placed between the beach and the urban texture, between sea and hills, identifying and defining a new punctual reconfiguration and connection system between nature and architecture through variable elements for position, orientation, dimension and volume.


in this configuration the new urban promenade on the beach defines itself with allignments that become from the urban texture and from the natural park that, linking each other, sketch green areas with different features, creating a connection and interchange system with the seaside buildings, and becoming a new sun-shaded green park near the sunny beach.


the park is permeable from a series of paths that comes from the shore towards the inner part of the promeade, up to the city center streets, connecting for real the town and the seaside. this natural/artificial system that identifies the dimensions of the baths on the beach and their configuration with removable and modular structures, innervate also the city wharf through a new promenade with trees that runs out in the sea pavilion, a new space for exhibition and panoramic view, that embraces the entire gabicce waterfront.

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