RNMM - neuer markt masterplan. rostock



a perceptive and fitting to the texture grid of urban blocks, that recall measures, heights and widths of the existing buildings, to create a new gateway to the neuer markt square. these blocks generate a system of squares and complex levels, that define a new part of urban texture: a new head towards Neuer Markt, a new public terminal in Vogelsang and an intermediate volume for reading and books, that open itself to the city from north, and allows to sigh the entire system from a central position.

the roofing and level system defines a series of courtyards – opened, semi opened, bended – moving from west to east, connecting themselves with the city hall spaces as head and conclusion of the entire system. infrastructural connections weave together and get new meanings according to the new urban blocks, the flows and the paths, defining three underground parking blocks (serving retail, culture and offices, residential), that can also be connected each other and connect the commercial gallery to the small shops, through an indoor extension of retail spaces.

the physical proximity between these spaces and the possibility of connection between themselves on every level, guarantee possible in-process variances of the volumes distribution and their dimensional flexibility. architectural and urban links define a reinterpretation of juxtaposition of historical gothic-type blocks, like the ones in market square. Neuer Markt Square becomes a new public space, with a set of socializing functions and common places that multiply meeting opportunities and make the square a central space in rostock.

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