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the concept of a urban cultural park aims at bringing to the surface the main morphological characteristics of the existing campus, with a dominant system in west-east direction and independent and isolated outline elements, to integrate them dynamically with the new buildings, whenever phisically separated.

in order to achieve that, the attention is pointed at the east end of the existing campus in the blade or tower of the laboratories which becomes a very strong perceptive element, nearly a urban landmark. By duplicating such morphological element on the other side of the river, the two blades give a definition to the “door of the university”, even if with different architectural characteristics, both for what concerns the main urban east/west viability and for the north-south one along Via Ciani and the fluvial walking and cycling route of Cassavate, bounding the existing and the new Campuses in a whole that embrace them both , transforming the limit of a main road within the area in an opportunity to characterize and define the new Campus. 

the morphological layout of the existing campus is reproduced rithmically also in the new area of the project crossing it with the new layout north and southbound of the context built on the left side of the Cassarate river, thus defining a texture of urban routes with pedestrian bridges to cross the river that becomes the anticipation of a system of multiple and constant walkings both internal and external, although defining volumes and separating buildings.

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