RBUP – borgo ulivia masterplan. palermo



Honourable Mention

the masterplan for the new municipal centre is based on the three dimensions of depth quote (underground / overground), of the layer height (skyline/landscape) and of the surface extension (foreground/background) and cross them with the infrastructural theme (road system), structural theme (bridge), urban theme (place), architectonic theme (space) and physic – perceptive theme (route).

the physical-perceptive connections transform the architectonic project in a new urban landscape characterized by a multiplicity of variable diaphragms. 

the typological concept translates the blocks “a baglio” located at borgo ulivia considering them as contemporary court blocks on a bridge structure that connect the two sides, the neighbourhoods and the system of the potential ecological ways through the idea of route. the project traces back to the altimetry quotes of neighbourhoods and changes them into urban - architectonic connections that are representative of the morphological and typological features of the area: a series of horizontal blades as bridges turn the vertical blades of the bonagia - falsomiele neighbourhood into horizontal, building themselves up as crossing suspended blocks (borgo ulivia) facing each other and the green ring road.

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