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the project transfers to the building traces and signs highlighted by the context: the main element is the border conceived as a limit  between the garden and industrial cities. the residence is built through compositions of borders not conceiving uncrossable

margins but as open frames of inner shapes (the rooms) facing on the city. the border is a connection - mediation between vertical and horizontal, thus re - shaping the rooms differently on each prospect.

it also constitutes a very neat distinction between the ground floor, open and horizontal and the upper levels that are more complex, matt and vertical in their totality.

the distinction reflects the definition mechanism of the program that places on the ground floor all the common and more public service spaces, fading (on the plan) from east to west the importance of the privacy, from the meetiong room, gym and fitness, tv room, relax and reading room, studying room and library up to the rooms. the border, then, builds the prospects as net, architectonic mesh (repurposing of a figure always modified) that correspond to an interpretation modality of the city. this modality is built again inside the building where the different typologies of housing change according to the partition flexibility and according to the future adaptability and accessibility for the disabled persons. 

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