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Honourable Mention

the project traces the linking' potentiality between the new structure and the surrounding urban landscape that is characterized by the morphological, geographical and historical meshes of the via emilia. thus defining oblique axes, the architecture builds a crossing diaphragm and connecting fault between the eastern (classrooms and water pool) and western open spaces (stones' square, auditorium, grass slope and park). at the same time the building connects the north (offices and teacher-parent spaces) with the south (kitchen and service spaces) through a walking and crossing space; a route-square that is an urban place able to put itself on a multiplicity of inner and outer landscapes and catalyst of energies.

the sections (a series of northwards southwards translated forms) use the mutual shifting to get the best light (best quality and luminosity) and the higher heating during the winter months, developing a series of intermediate spaces (mini atelier, winter gardens and offices) able to provide a great flexibility of use in time. every front has different characters that define dynamically the osmotic relationship between inside and outside, going to set a continuum of interrelated spaced perceived in movement during the day.

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