founded in 2001 in reggio emilia by christian gasparini, NAT OFFICE turns its attention to urban and architectural planning (from design to landscape), considering it placed in a dialectic relationship between man and nature that cannot be deluded.

the Architecture becomes a medium between Nature and Technology, able to give a sense to the antropic presence in the nature.

the plan is thought like a complex and dynamic instrument, that allows the physic-perceptive and materic link between places and persons.

the place is not an abstract entity, but the essence and the possibility of the lifetime in common. its geographical, historical, materic and bioclimatics features are trace to read, for fitting in with a context or replanning it, always being present the necessity to attend, where it is possible, with minimal elements, that may have a great significance, to assure the use of space like a living principle.

the urban architecture, as much as the landscape, is conceived as a perceptive and full sensorial experience, as physical dynamic of movement route.

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