Based in Reggio Emilia and Milan, NAT OFFICE is a urban and architectural planning practice, founded and led by Christian Gasparini.

The design focus concerns the relationship between architecture and landscape in order to configure a unique topic and identity, while keeping their different characters.

Our approach works on the architectural scales as different layers to define a new urbanity, trying to reach the maximum density and flexibility of uses and the minimum consumption of territory.

Architecture then becomes a medium between Nature and Technology, able to give a sense to the anthropic presence inside nature. The plan is conceived as a complex and dynamic instrument that allows the physic-perceptive and materic link between places and people.

Private and public architecture realizations are intertwined with the research on urban strategies to generate flexible interfaces and on modular structures that can be assembled and disassembled in different configurations.

The practice extends its approach to different areas: masterplan/landscape, cultural/public, learning/worship, sport/leisure, working/office, temporary/exhibit and living/housing.

Participation to design competitions allows experimentation about typologies, morphologies and scales: the office won the 1st prize for La Corte Civic Center in Parma (2001, completed, Almanacco di Casabella  2006, Una Geografia dell’Architettura 2013), the restricted invitation call for Elvise Carpi Nursery School in Reggio Emilia (2004 completed, Almanacco di Casabella 2008), designs after consultation with Emilia Romagna Heritage Board, Spazio Marco Gerra, European Photography Center in Reggio Emilia (2005 completed, Convention Architecture 2012), won the 1st prize in the invitation call for Casa Gualerzi Renovation (2012, completed, Houselevel Homeoffice candidate to archdaily building of the year 2017 category Refurbishment, Best Italian Interior Design 2018) and several awards and mentions in national and international competitions such as the 3rd prize Recovery Gnutti Barracks in Brescia 2014, the 4th prize Luxury Residence in Barcelona, 2013, the 2nd prize Alpine Resort Keil Brunico 2011, the 4th prize Silk Road Map Unesco Shanghai 2010, the 2nd prize ex aequo Città Alessandrina Cultural Center in Rome 2009.

In 2018 NAT Office is finalist in the international 2 step design competition for New Lorenteggio Library in Milan and in 2019 wins restricted competition for New Mobility Hub concept organized by EGO, with a new way to conceive and live time lapse and journey on the italian transport network.

NAT Office’ s works received in the last years many awards, such us Architizer A+Awards - New York and  American Architecture Prize - Los Angeles in 2017 (RABM), Archdaily Boty candidate, Inarcassa and Cicop Award - Firenze, Best Italian Interior Design Platform – Milan, Build Awards - London in 2018 (HLBH), BigSee Architecture Award – Lubiana, London International Creative Competition – London and DNA Paris Design Award – Paris in 2019 (HHCR).

In 2019 Platform has selected GB Exhibit Pavilion inside Best Italian Exhibition design projects, a travelling exhibit and a forthcoming book publication.

NAT OFFICE  is now working on architectural masterplans, international competitions and residential projects, developing new urban strategies for Smart City and a new concept for Energy Mobility Hub.

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