CCCA | città alessandrina cultural center. roma


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2nd Prize Ex Aequo

the plan of the new cultural centre alessandrina city configures itself in continuity with the existing urban texture intended as morphological matrix of the project and it conforms to the oragraphy of the territory as a chassis, moving towards the building of a new urban connecting plate that expands the territory shared of the neighborhood as horizontal surface of generation of the cultural centre.

such new territory, conceives as an horizontal crossing slab, discloses an underground level (compared to the alessandrino neighborhood), but homogeneous at the priority level of the vallum, holding all the technical element of service for the cultural centre (stairs, services, installations, warehouses) in addition to the public parkings and some open spaces (garden-square for the open air concerts) and to the spaces for the swimming centre made of a covered and open air swimming pool for the neighbourhood and reachable from the different levels of the cultural centre and of the alessandrino park.

the same plate transforms the walking level of the neighbourhood ground level of the cultural centre intended as network of public open and transparent spaces on the ground floor and placed 3 meters over the level of the vallum.

the tower shaped media library (vertical blade), that becomes urban architectural event at the walking level, places itself in continuity with the foyer of the cultural and educational centre on the double and triple height spaces that cross the plate in vertical, true gravitational pole of the public spaces. the crossing of vertical and horizontal blades  creates a urban layer that adheres to the orography of the territory.

CSRE | sports city masterplan. reggio emilia


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PSC Urban Masterplan

the high speed train station defines a new infrastructure of the territory, intended as a fast transport system, but introduces a new pole of excellence within the territory of reggio emilia and creates the possibility to give a new set of meanings to the whole urban system.
the interpolation and connection between the historical centre and the high speed train station allows to define a new urban “texture” conceived as a “sport and free time city” northbound and southbound, but also a new artificial landscape, that goes from the santa croce neighborhood to san prospero strinati eastbound and westbound.

the public spaces intended for leisure and free time, already existing in the area named giglio acquatico create the possibility to conceive the public and meeting outdoor and indoor spaces as a continuum of areas linked by a complex system of multiple transport means (train, car, bicycle, bike, walk) able to create an architectural urban event. 

the punctual elements of the system (from north to south: tav station, sport area, education centre, football stadium, shopping mall, cinemas, aquatic park, open air swimming pool) are linked and structured by a urban park made of a comb of continuous tree lines that, by recalling the local placement of the existing poplar tree forests,  shape the parking lots, some green park areas and the whole system of the sport city, thus guaranteeing a connection between the railway line and its trespassing. the interchange between different transport means happens inside a cusp designed on the presence of the existing parkings that define a wedge of circulation and stop by plaing themselves between the Reggio –Mantova railway line and via Romano, wedge that becomes the backbone if the system (green wedge).

MCST | testaccio art labs and sport park. roma

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3rd Prize

the proposal outlines an archeological public park, that overlays to the neighborhood existing marginality, the magnificence of the surrounding open and historical spaces: monte testaccio, englishmen’ cemetery, cestia pyramid, aurelian ancient walls and resistance park with adalberto libera post office building.

the masterplan configures a green slope as an edge to protect the neighbourhood's core, which will be the place of playing, meeting, education, culture, memory, exhibitions, performances, urban events, sports, and leisure.

the grassy slope turns around the plot, containing inside sport facilities, artists’ labs and new urban venues, by creating new perspectives and visual connections with context’s archeological and historical places.

the project intertwines the concept of open space as a new strategy that connects spaces and time of the city, creating a new level of perception and giving the opportunity to assemble, open and accomplish new public spaces, constituting a well interconnected and greatly extensive education and sport campus.


RABM | ivy restaurant lounge bar. reggio emilia


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IVY tries to configure a new approach to the restaurant and catering facilities, assuming a long stay inside the place corresponding to drink, dinner and after dinner, surrounded by an open space arranged through a series of linear “hanging gardens”. outside ivy transform the front of the building in a continuous green wall.

IVY represents a new way to experience and enjoy leisure time, being surrounded by the green of nature and the warmth of wood. The interior spaces take back the historical building volume to a single open space, where the kitchen and the dining room connect northwards and the large central bar and the lounge on different levels southwards.

the lounge seatings look out towards the street with a number of two places swings (seesaws), that transform the time shared with other people in a moment of pleasure. the space is characterized by the interweaving of different materials: concrete walls, the sandy look of floor, floor and ceiling plants that change and surround everything. the project set up in the basement the whole system of service spaces and storage.

the concept envisages, in the future, a lounge terrace on the roof, while the open air expansion has been defined by a set of corten boxes, which contains bamboo canes and embedded light system.

RAHK | alpine resort and hotel keil. brunico


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2nd Prize

the project defines a new modality of alpine reception, capable to adapt to different typologies if users adhering more to the idea of vacation house than that of wellness center-resort.through a new architectural frame which originates the refurbishment project of the existing buildings (hotel and villa) end extends it to the new dwellings. the new keil alpien resort settles a single architectural and perception track, reinterpreting the historical chalet and a new contemporary and unique identity.

the new in line dwelling try to shape a mountain village by means of apartments two by two, terraced, with 5 apartments, in cluster, completely independent brought together by the tower staircase, with 3 flats each floor, developing in height. They also define different space configuration for an active vacation, according to the clients’ demands.

the ground floor of the new housing is a common level where services find place: ski and bike (personal or hired) depot, a wellness center each new group of dwellings which are connected also to the existing buildings by pedestrian paths covered by light shelters which protect the users and rebuild the idea of an open court facing on a stretch of water, that changes through the seasons: pool (summer) or skating rink (winter).

RBUP | borgo ulivia masterplan. palermo


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Honourable Mention

the masterplan for the new municipal centre is based on the three dimensions of depth quote (underground / overground), of the layer height (skyline/landscape) and of the surface extension (foreground/background) and cross them with the infrastructural theme (road system), structural theme (bridge), urban theme (place), architectonic theme (space) and physic – perceptive theme (route).

the physical-perceptive connections transform the architectonic project in a new urban landscape characterized by a multiplicity of variable diaphragms. 

the typological concept translates the blocks “a baglio” located at borgo ulivia considering them as contemporary court blocks on a bridge structure that connect the two sides, the neighbourhoods and the system of the potential ecological ways through the idea of route.

the project traces back to the altimetry quotes of neighbourhoods and changes them into urban - architectonic connections that are representative of the morphological and typological features of the area: a series of horizontal blades as bridges turn the vertical blades of the bonagia - falsomiele neighbourhood into horizontal, building themselves up as crossing suspended blocks (borgo ulivia) facing each other and the green ring road.

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